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Epode International Network


January 2017 : OPEN Book

Obesity Prevention through European Network (OPEN):
Up-scaling community-based programmes (CBPs) for the prevention of childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is a major issue in Europe:1 child out of 5 is overweight.

Programmes and initiatives already exist in order to prevent childhood obesity.Nevertheless, recent research findings are sometimes difficult to be applied in the field, a lot of best practices and methodology advice would need to be better shared and some populations at risk are more difficult to reach.

The OPEN project, a collaborative and multidisciplinary initiative, aims to overcome these barriers, to facilitate and accelerate behaviour and environmental change in Europe through Community-Based Programmes (CBPs).

This book aims to present the key activities and outcomes of the OPEN project:

  • the use of EPODE, – a methodology aiming at preventing childhood obesity – in appraising the methodology of 13 participating CBPs,
  • the outcomes of the appraisal and up-scaling of these CBPs,
  • the work achieved with them on widening their target group scope to adolescents from deprived areas.

The 13 CBPS involved in OPEN have managed to reach over a million adolescents in Europe.


Front cover of the OPEN Book

-> The PDF version of the document  is available here or by clicking on the image (see opposite).