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Trzymaj Forme! – Keep Fit! (PL)

Keep Fit programme is the first educational initiative of its kind, promoting a balanced diet and physical activity among Polish teenagers.

The key objective of the programme is to educate teenagers in order to encourage them to adopt a healthy active lifestyle and a balanced diet based on individual responsibility and free choice. This, through the programme didactic method based on the voluntary involvement of students, teachers, parents and local governments.

The design of the programme, that leaves space for schools, teachers and adolescents to choose their implementation methods, has undoubtedly contributed to its effectiveness. Through this programme, the schoolchildren have the opportunity to identify and put into practice their own ideas on how to promote and ensure the adoption of a healthy lifestyle in the long term. The recent evaluation of the programme demonstrated its high effectiveness in terms of shaping pro-health habits.


Private partner:
Polish Federation of Food Industry Union of Employers

Associated Partners:
Chief Sanitary Inspectorate
Agricultural Market Agency

Scientific partners:

Institute of Rural Health
Mother and Child Institute
National Food & Nutrition Institute

Polish Association for the Study of Obesity

Warsaw University of Lifesciences (Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences)

Consumer organization:

Polish Federation of Consumers

Policy makers (patronages):

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Sports and Tourism

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development


Coordinator, Marta Tomaszewska

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