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Portugal is one of the European countries with the highest prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity. Based on the rationale that local governments exert an important and decisive role in counteracting childhood obesity, MUN-SI program was developed.

MUN-SI is an on-going community-based program at local level which aims to promote lifestyles changes in the long-term. MUN-SI programme arises closer to each municipality needs and local policies and intends to offer a proactive and interactive response to the problem of childhood malnutrition (obesity and thinness), seeking its prevention on continuous and sustainable actions developed during 1-4 years periods.

It is developed trough a multistakeholder approach, focusing in 6 main areas: Family”; “Healthy School”; “Active City”; “Awareness”; “Nutrition Training of Health and Education professionals”. The main aim is to slow the progression of the prevalence childhood malnutrition in Portugal through a set of activities in which local environments mobilize the community to the adoption of healthy lifestyles. It also intends to reach the National Health Plan, developing healthy local policies throughout decision makers and activities directed to local participants (family, school, and environment), mostly on healthy eating habits and physical activity promotion.


Institutional partners:

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Education and Science

Portuguese Network of Healthy Cities

Portuguese Professional and Academic Association of Nutritionists

Scientific partners:

CEIDSS – Research Centre for the Study on Social Dynamics and Health

Coordinator, Munsi Team

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