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JOGG (Young People at a Healthy Weight) is a movement which encourages all people in a city, town or neighbourhood to make healthy food and exercise an easy and attractive lifestyle option for young people (0-19). It focuses on children and adolescents themselves, along with their parents and direct environment. JOGG advocates for local approaches in which not just the parents and health professionals, but also shopkeepers, companies, schools and local authorities are joining hands to ensure that young people remain at a healthy weight.

The Dutch JOGG-approach is based on the successful French project EPODE and consist in 5 pillars:

– Political commitment

– Cooperation between the private and public sector (public private partnerships)

– Social marketing

– Monitoring and evaluation

– Linking prevention and healthcare

Currently, 109 municipalities in the Netherlands are using the JOGG approach to promote a healthy weight among their youth. At national level JOGG is coordinated by the foundation Jongeren Op Gezond Gewicht, based in The Hague. Marjon Bachra is the director of the foundation.


Private partners:

Albert Heijn

Friesland Campina



Zilveren Kruis Achmea




Le Credit Sportif

Societal partners:

Health Insurance Netherlands

Dutch Dietician Society

Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation

Royal Association for Physical Education

The Heart Foundation

Association of Dutch Water Companies

Central Food Trade Office

Federation for the Dutch Food Industry

Dutch Association for Catering Organizations

The Dutch Council for Secondary Education

The Dutch Council for Primary Education

The Dutch Council for Vocational Education and Training 

Association for Sport and Municipalities

The Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers

Cruijff Foundation

Royal Dutch Football Association

Youth Sports Foundation

Association of Community Health Services

Knowledge partners:

The Netherlands Nutrition Centre Foundation

Knowledge Centre for sport Netherlands

The Dutch National Institute for Health and the Environment

Coordinator, JOGG Team

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