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I’m leaving healthy, too! – SETS (RO)

PRAIS Foundation initiated, in March 2011, for a period of 5 years the national movement “I’m living healthy, too!” – SETS.

SETS aims at preventing childhood obesity among children and promoting a healthy lifestyle among the Romanian families, in a new, holistic approach: mind, body, spirit. The specific objectives of SETS movement are :

– To inform families/general public about the benefits of a daily balanced diet.

– To encourage daily physical activity.

– To create a Romanian alliance of values – important stakeholders, such as Scientifics, doctors, universities, institutional partners, KOL’s, companies and associations.

Since its launch, SETS has reached out 116.340 pupils in the primary education cycle in 252 schools in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Roman, Otopeni and Timisoara, over 2850 members of the teaching staff and over 300.000 parents, 2 millions in audience. 308 UNEFS (National University of Physical Education and Sport) and FEFS (Faculty of Physical Education and Sport) students have voluntarily delivered 247 open lessons, sports demonstrations, becoming true role-models for the pupils.

Throughout the 4 years of this programme existence, over 11.500 pupils volunteered in the 280 SETS Clubs, undertaking 4770 physical activity sessions, essential in association with a balanced diet, for the healthy development of children.


Private partners:

Romalimenta (Romanian Food Federation) through 5 member companies:

Carrefour Romania

Institutional partners:

Ministry of Health

Ministry of National Education

Ministry of Youth and Sports

School Directorates in Bucharest, Cluj, Neamt and Timisoara

“Ioan Petrus” High School in Otopeni

Cluj-Napoca, Otopeni and Roman City Halls

Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee

Romanian Athletics Federation

Romanian Fencing Federation

Scientific partners:

National University of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest

Faculty of Physical Education and Sports in Cluj

Faculty of Physical Education and Sports in Timisoara

Romanian Federation for Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases

Romanian Nutrition Society

Coordinator, SETS Team

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