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IDEFICS Partille (SE)

Partille municipality was part of the IDEFICS-project, 2007-2012, a project on the identification and prevention of dietary and lifestyle induced effects in children and infants. The IDEFICS intervention involved multi level activities integrating the municipality, households and individuals. Partille used the centrally distributed guide to implementing the IDEFICS intervention. The guide was adjusted to the local situation.

Partille is focusing on the key messages regarding diet, physical activity and stress, coping and relaxation. Pre-schools and schools are improving the quality of the food they serve. The teachers and other staff are trained to lead physical activity sessions during school days.

Partille supports the organisation of Walking school-buses. Security inspections in school areas are made as well as arrangements to create a safe and secure surrounding. School-yards are being improved and projects supporting pupils walking and cycling to school are implemented. We are working with classrooms in the forest with the possibility of performing teaching on various subjects. We also cooperate with the public dental care, teaching the pupils about practical dental care.



Schools (headmasters, teachers, nurses, kitchen stuff)

Business sector

Voluntary sector

Sports association

Dental care

Gabriele Eiben, Dr med, University of Gotehenburg

Coordinator, IDEFICS Partille Team

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