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Epode International Network

DelONet, Delmenhorst (DE)

DelONet is placed in Delmenhorst, Germany and aims at creating a healthy environment that makes the healthy choice the easier one for adolescents. Adolescents shall not be policed but shall participate in the creation of this healthy environment. DelONet tries to embed health in a global feeling of well-being and a fun lifestyle that meets adolescents’ attitudes.

In order to create a healthy environment in the long run DelONet involves local stakeholders who have contact with adolescents. We ask them to listen to adolescents’ needs and wishes and to adopt their offerings to adolescents towards a fun and healthy environment in which adolescents feel good and can grow up happy and healthy.

In short: DelONet changes the city’s culture towards a healthy lifestyle and ongoing participation.


Main partners:

Kinder- und Jugendparlament

Integrationslotsenteam Delmenhorst und Umgebung e. V.


Bundesprogramm “Demokratie leben!”des Bundesministeriums für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend

Other partners:

CSM Bakery Solutions

Game Ground



Coordinator, IDEFICS Delmenhorst Team

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