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Healthy Eating Plan for schools (MT)

The main aim of the Healthy Eating Lifestyle Plan for Malta through the Whole of School Approach to Healthy Lifestyles Policy is to encourage children to engage in a healthy lifestyle from an early start by encouraging healthy eating and uptake of physical activity.

This initiative is recommended in the Healthy Weight for Life Strategy (2012) which targets overweight and obesity throughout the lifecourse and a whole of government and whole of society approach.

This promotes schools to take ownership of the initiative and create more awareness for children attending schools and their parents, develops the required skills, creates an enabling environment within schools and stimulates the community to support a lifestyle whereby healthier food and physical activity become the norm.

This initiative gets together various stakeholders including health, education, local councils, families and the whole community. The initial programme founded in 2007 has been enhanced through the Epode-methodology using evidence based information and good practices to encourage families and communities to live a healthy lifestyle supported by the school environment. This led to the development of the Whole of School Approach to Healthy Lifestyles Policy in 2015.


Ministry for Health

Ministry of Education and Employment

Local Councils

Malta Union of Teachers

Parents Teachers Associations

Coordinator, Charmaine Gauci

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