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The Child Health Programme, which ran for 4 years, was a collaboration between the Research and Education Institute of Child Health (REF) and the Municipality of Strovolos. The Programme aimed at improving the physical health of children and their parents, health education and empowerment.

Every Saturday at a primary school in Strovolos, parents along with their children came to school where they were greeted by a specialised team (physical education teachers, pediatrician, nutritionist and health psychologist).

For the first one and a half hour of the programme, parents and their children exercised together, guided by the physical education teachers. During the last thirty minutes the pediatrician, nutritionist and health psychologist carried out workshops, lectures, presentations to the parents and children aimed at improving their health knowledge and health behavior.

Low SES families formed a large part of the group and were given a lot of attention and priority from the team.

In 2015, the Research and Education Institute of Child Health launched the “Healthy Cyclists” project towards adolescents, together with the Cyprus Cycling Federation, physical education teachers, cycling groups and parents. The objective of this project is to promote and improve among youngsters not only physical activity practices but also other health behaviours such as nutrition, sleep patterns, screen-based media use and increased participation of low SES teens to the cycling groups.



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