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Epode International Network


Viasano wants to prevent overweight and obesity among Belgian children aged 3 to 12 by mobilising all local actors around them. The programme gives resources to the towns (representatives and administrative employees) to organise local actions, that incite people to eat healthier and move more, creating a stimulating environment where a healthy lifestyle is easy to maintain.

The goal of the Viasano programme is to help families change their habits in a sustainable way. It is founded upon the Epode-methodology, follows official scientific and nutritional recommendations and encourages families to prepare healthy, accessible and varied family dinners, as well as organise physical activities, adapted to everyday life.


Private partners:

Ferrero Belgium

Nutricia Belgium

Institutional partners:

Flemish Region

Walloon Region

Scientific partners:

Belgian Association of Paediatricians

Belgian Associations of Dieticians

Belgian Associations of Diabetic Patients

Belgian Cardiologic League

Belgian Association of Nutritionists

Belgian Association for the Study of Obesity

Coordinator, Mireille Roillet

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