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Epode International Network


3 Universities


VU Amsterdam University: The EMGO+ Institute for Health and Care Research is an interfaculty research institute of VU University Medical Center and a VU University Amsterdam. Researchers from three faculties have joined forces to further improve public and occupational health, primary care, rehabilitation and long-term care, by multi and interdisciplinary research. Key Staff: Prof. Jacobs C. Seidell & Krystallia Mantziki




VU University Medical Center : The EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research (EMGO+) is the largest research institute of the VU University Medical Center. EMGO+ is accredited by the Dutch Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences and in 2010 rated as excellent on all counts. EMGO+ has ample experience in implementation and evaluation of community based obesity prevention programs, including school-based studies. EMGO+ is currently involved in a number of the FP7-funded projects among others in ENERGY and Spotlight. Key Staff: Prof. Mai Chin A Paw



UGENTGent University: A research niche with a multidisciplinary scope within the Department of Public Health, it unites expertise from medicine, biomedical and nutrition sciences, epidemiology, public health, health economy and local politics. Involved in EU projects : HELENA, IDEFICS, EEN project, EU FP7 “Toy Box” and EPHE project. This multidisciplinary research plateform has a unique potential for groundbreaking research in obesity. Key Staff: Prof. Stefaan de Henauw