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Epode International Network




This event takes place at Mövenpick Hotel City Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

A multistakeholder approach supported by scientific evidence
The EPODE methodology is based on scientific results showing that long-term achievements on childhood obesity prevention are possible when mobilising the whole community to change families’ habits towards health.
With the support of 3 Universities, the OPEN project brings insights on the appraisal and progress of community-based programmes (CBPs) methodologies.

A widening of obesity prevention programmes scope to adolescents
OPEN project is an opportunity to focus on adolescents, who need to be better embodied in obesity prevention programmes. The project has managed to bring to light specific strategies and the 13 CBPs involved have achieved concrete results in term of behaviour change.
OPEN has reached over a million adolescents across the European Union.

Over 20 community-based programmes represented
This event will bring together researchers and programmes coordinators from more than 20 countries to present a comprehensive forum on all facets of childhood obesity prevention programmes.