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NEWSL#4 – Healthy springtime: Spain

In Madrid, the available data on the adolescent population shows an insufficient practice of physical activity, especially in girls. In light of these results, SALTA, a project implemented between June 2015 and June 2016, aimed to promote physical activity among 12 to 16 year olds. The project is complemented by messages and activities promoting healthy eating habits.



SALTA is in full swing with the festival ‘SALTA Week’ curently taking place.

On April 30th, the first SALTA youth meeting was organised, with workshops on skateboarding, urban dance and inline skating. The month of May is also bringing plenty of challenges.

On 12th May, the SALTA Night took place, with an awards ceremony for the winners of the SALTA video contest. 12 groups making a total 80 adolescents participated.

The ‘We all move’ contest, in which teams of 6 adolescents try to complete as many footsteps as possible in 2 weeks, was well received. Same result for the new Madrid high schools project which promotes healthy habits among students outside the regular school curriculum. As always, they demonstrated their creativity with, for example, a table tennis championship, ‘parkour’ workshops or the creation of an urban orchard!

In the weeks to come, a running contest involving all high schools in Humanes will also be organised.


“It has been an intense but really fun quarter and we´re proud of our adolescents,

who are participating so enthusiastically in all SALTA activities.”

The SALTA team.