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NEWSL#4 – Healthy springtime: Romania

PRAIS Foundation is co-organising the “Special Champions” competition which brings together

pupils and high-school students with disabilities and those from normal schools to compete together.

The competition is an initiative of the Technical Special High School no. 3 from Bucharest

and workd towards integrating children with disabilities into society by encouraging them to play sports.Poster - Special Champions

To date over 900 participants are enrolled in this years’ competition in 5 categories:

athletics (boys 1000 m and girls 800 m), table tennis, chess, mini-football and dance.

Over 300 prizes will be awarded to the best participants and over 200 volunteers will coordinate the competition.

* * *

PRAIS Foundation is also co-organising “Millennium 3 Generation”, a National Dance Festival for the young generation.

Over 1,000 students will perform dances during one day, under a variety of choreography sections.