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NEWSL#4 – Healthy springtime: Malta

The Maltese Health Authorities recently launched, in May 2016, the Healthy Weight for Life campaign.

This multi-media campaign (television, radio, social and social medias) aims to reach various parts of the population, including adolescents, and offer several social events for Maltese communities. The campaign is the result of a joint collaboration of various departments within the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders including Education, Sport Malta, local councils and industry.



Emphasis is placed on the Mediterranean lifestyle as outlined in the new Food Based Dietary Guidelines.

The Mediterranean Diet encompasses more than just food habits and should be regarded as a diet based on specific food habits and practices, including physical activity and adequate sleep quality.


The campaign follows a life course approach, with actions designed to promote a healthy start from conception and during pregnancy, then across the lifespan, from childhood to adulthood, including the elderly. Special attention is paid to adolescents and their families in various settings.

Photo : Jeremy Wonnacott