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NEWSL#4 – Healthy springtime: France

PHOTO FRANCE NL OPENAfter discovering dodgeball and trying food art during the winter holidays, 51 adolescents joined the “Flandre G’Lys Party!” on the 14th April at CCFL nautical area.

During this sports day, 8 teams challenged each other in various sports: archery, running, biking, pedal boat, canoe, paddle, obstacle course…

Adolescents also attended “Bon App”, a theatre play on food habits, with hip hop and beat box!

The day ended in a festive manner, throwing coloured powder on the crowd, and with a balanced snack.

Each participant was given healthy goodies and the winning team received a voucher to participate in one activity in the leisure area.

* * *

The adolescents really enjoyed the day and look forward to taking part in the activities planned during the summer holidays: a day at the seaside with a sand yacht initiation and a beach volley tournament as part of the “move more” resolution, but also shrimp fishing and the discovery of shellfish breeding for the “eat right” resolution!

In France, the OPEN project, which started in September 2015, targets about 200 adolescents aged between 13 and 17 years. They all live in the Community of Towns Flandre Lys (CCFL) in the North of the country and are enrolled in structures for adolescents. The main objective of the project is to improve theirs habits around sleep quality, eating and physical activity.