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Epode International Network


NEWSL#4 – OPEN scientific results presented at ICO 2016 and EOS 2016

  •  In May,

Ana Rito and her team presented a pilot study at the International Congress on Obesity (ICO 2016) in Vancouver, Canada.

This cross-sectional study was observed 2726 children aged between 6 and 12 from 5 Portuguese cities. Overweight prevalence was similar and relevant (>35%) in all municipalities and in line with National trends.

Low Socio-economic status proved to be an important risk factor in the development of childhood obesity in the Portuguese population.

This study supports the idea that further intervention is needed with families from low socio-economic background and thus justifies the activities of the OPEN project in Portugal.

The study was also presented at the European Obesity Summit (EOS 2016).




  • In June,

at the European Obesity Summit (EOS 2016) in Gotheburg, Sweden: Krystallia Mantziki (VUA Amsterdam) presented a systematic appraisal of integrated community-based approaches to prevent childhood obesity and raised the following question: do we have the tools?

This presentation is based on the baseline results of the methodology appraisal of the 13 programmes that are part of the OPEN project.

This was carried out using the WHO Good Practice Appraisal Tool and the OPEN tool developed after the 4 pillars of the EPODE methodology: political commitment, public private partnership, social marketing and services, evaluation and dissemination.


Pictures: Cyril Bitton