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NEWSL#4 – Healthy springtime: Greece

“KARE-KARE in our Health Habits” (i.e. “Frame by Frame into our Health Habits”) is being implemented in 6 intervention schools in 3 municipalities of the Attika region. The program aims to raise awareness among 13 to 14 year olds and encourage them to address their health habits, so that they will proactively adopt a lifestyle that can serve as an example to others. 

The program helps adolescents to create their own short-movies/stories. All their work has been uploaded on the KARE-KARE educational platform and will be shared with all other high school students participating in the program.



In April 2016, the KARE-KARE program designed a half-day excursion for the 90 high school students in Peristeri Grove. Duringthe excursion, all high schools 1st graders were exposed to different aspects of what it means “to be healthy” through activities and games.

Among other things, they grew small plants and tasted edible flowers, prepared and consumed healthy cereal bars, raced in a Fruit-Relay and above all had a good time exercising, moving, and playing!

In order to extend the moment, all participants received a tomato plant to look after. They were asked to send photos within one month to participate in a draw.


Stay tuned for the upcoming short films!

They will be uploaded in the next few weeks on the KARE-KARE website and Facebook page and will be submitted to the public online vote.

You may find more videos of the excursion in Peristeri Grove and the video training seminars in the KARE-KARE YouTube channel.