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Epode International Network


NEWSL#2 – The work of OPEN project shared with the EIN community



The second OPEN symposium provided the perfect setting to share the work of the project with the EIN community including programmes from 25 countries, research institutions, universities and the private sector. Among the participants of the symposium were recently established community-based initiatives and the symposium provided them an excellent opportunity to engage and learn from more experienced programmes including experts involved in the OPEN project.


The symposium programme included two interactive workshops where participants learned about the benefits of evaluation and how they can better gather data for their programmes to reinforce legitimacy and track positive results. In parallel, the behaviour change workshop discussed how to engage more community actors and involve them in programmes.


The OPEN Symposium also offered an international platform for participants to share the great work that they are doing and go home inspired with fresh ideas. To facilitate the exchange of ideas, the symposium programme included an informal roundtable session where programme coordinators and topical experts discussed commonly shared challenges to find ways to address them together.

Click here to download the presentations of #2 OPEN symposium