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NEWSL #2 – The scaling up of OPEN programmes takes a step forward

One of the main objectives of the OPEN project is to scale up community-based programmes with the help of the WHO Good Practice Appraisal Tool (GPAT). This exercise aims to identify the strengths and challenges of the community-based initiatives in reference to the four EPODE pillars based on the GPAT criteria.

Krystallia Mantziki, from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, presented the baseline results of the exercise at the second OPEN symposium.


The 13 OPEN programmes were assessed in the following five categories:

  • General organisation
  • Political commitment
  • Public-Private partnerships
  • Supporting services for intervention and campaign implementation
  • Scientific aspects and dissemination


Each programme was interviewed on 101 items based on the different categories and these items were scored on a scale of 0-2. Following the scoring, the programmes received a detailed analysis of their performance in the five categories.


The programmes’ performance was also graded with a percentage of the maximum score:

  • political commitment ranged from 19% to 100%,
  • public-private partnerships from 25% to 89%
  • supporting services for implementation of interventions and campaigns from 44% to 84%
  • scientific evaluation and dissemination from 6% to 72.5%


Based on these results, the OPEN programmes and the EIN team agreed on mid-term objectives in each of the categories. In 2016 the OPEN programmes will be interviewed for the second time to examine their progress with the programme development objectives.

Click here to see Krystallia’s presentation.