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Epode International Network


OPEN Symposium #2 – 24th September 2015

Capacity building workshops

2 workshops allowed the participants to exchange case studies, experience and ideas on the following themes (presentation materials are available following the links):

Speakers : Dr. Jean-Michel Borys, Dr. Tommy Visscher, Santi Gomez, Dr. Maria-Joao Gregorio

Speakers : Prof. Jan Vinck & Mireille Roillet

Setting-up of mid-term progress objectivesvumc_eng

Speakers : Prof. Mai Chin A Paw and Danielle Kornet-van der Aa from the VU University Medical Center (Amsterdam).

Aim : create an overview of evidence and practice-based recommendations to develop actions to address adolescents living in deprived areas in the field of obesity prevention.

Speaker: Krystallia Mantziki

Aim: identify the strengths and weaknesses of the community-based programmes/approaches based on the WHO Good Practice Appraisal Tool (GPAT) criteria and in reference to the four EPODE pillars (OPEN tool).

OPEN Online database launching

Aim: introduction to the new OPEN database