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Epode International Network


NEWSL #1 – Scaling-up community-based programmes and initiatives

Each of the 13 programmes and initiatives that are part of OPEN have their own strengths and weaknesses and the first step of the scaling-up process was to appraise their respective methodology.


The OPEN project gathers 13 very diversified community-based programmes (CBPs) and initiatives (CBIs): 5 EPODE CBPs (in France, Belgium, Greece, The Netherlands and Romania), 2 other CBPs (in Sweden and Germany), 3 school-based programmes (in Poland, Cyprus and Portugal), 1 CBI (in Slovakia) and 2 public health & prevention bodies willing to develop community-based programme on obesity prevention (in Malta and Spain).


2 methods were used in order to collect information on each CBP/I:

  • The WHO Good practice appraisal tool, a questionnaire that allows describing the planning, implementation and evaluation phases of interventions.
  • An interview guide, OPEN_ITV_GUIDE_2015 , organized after the 4 EPODE pillars (political commitment, public-private partnership, support services and scientific aspects), the EPODE methodology being proven effective to prevent childhood obesity.


From the use of these tools, VUA University (Amsterdam) has scored the methodology of the 13 CBPs/Is.

These baseline results will be communicated for the first time at the European Congress on Obesity (6-9 May 2015 in Prague).


In 2016, the CBPs/Is’ methodology will be appraised again in order to measure their progress, 2 years after the first appraisal.


Since November 2014 and the 1st OPEN Symposium, actions are developed in order to encourage the CBPs/Is to progress:

  • 7 Capacity-building workshops,
  • Best practice sharing among the CBPs/Is.


Next steps :

  • The setting-up of achievable mid-term objectives for each CBP/I,
  • The development of a resource database gathering methodological and communicational materials from the 13 CBPs/Is (to be launched in September 2015).