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NEWSL #1 – OPEN project in a nutshell (2014-2016)

The 3-year European project OPEN supports 13 community-based programmes and initiatives in scaling-up their programme and in widening their target group scope, including adolescents.


The 13 programmes and initiatives are reaching  3 900 000 families, of which 975 000 children and adolescents.

The countries involved:

Northern Europe : Sweden

Eastern Europe : Poland, Romania, Slovakia

Western Europe : France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany

Southern Europe : Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Malta.


  • 2 Universities are appraising the programmes’ methodology and provide recommendations for them to develop new actions targeting adolescents.
  • The collaborating partners share their best practices and learnings.
  • The general management of the project is done by Protéines Paris & Brussels.


The expected outcomes at the end of the project (December 2016) are the following:

  • Coordination teams concrete progress in terms of scaling-up, design, implementation and evaluation via capacity-building workshops, tailored coaching and resource database.
  • Coordination teams have implemented sustainable actions at local level targeting adolescents via the evidence and practice-based recommendations.
  • Providing open access tools for all communities who would like to implement community-based programmes and actions targeting adolescents in deprived areas: literature review, resource database, case studies, web documentary, resources for PR, workshops etc.

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