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OPEN kick-off event in Luxembourg

The launch of the project took place at the European Commission in Luxemburg. All the stakeholders of the project, including the community-based programmes (CBPs), the European Commission, the universities and a representative from WHO Euro attended the meeting.


The European Commission gave a welcome speech on the overall objective of the project, which is to scale up the CBPs methodology in the framework of the Action Plan on Childhood Obesity. The coordination team, led by Julie Mayer, explained the general framework of the project and the tasks expected from the CBPs.


Jo Jewell from the WHO Regional Office for Europe presented the WHO Good Practice Appraisal Tool  which will be used to assess the programmes’ methodology.


Prof Mai Chin A Paw from VU University Medical Center presented first results following the online survey led together with the CBPs coordinators, gathering recommendations to target adolescents living in deprived areas.


OPEN Kick off meeting held in the European Commission in Luxembourg in

OPEN Kick off meeting held at the European Commission office in Luxembourg in February 2014