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Epode International Network


Scaling up CBPS / 2

Protéines Paris is in charge of the development of capacity building and experience sharing among the programmes’ stakeholders.

In order to fulfill this objective, different activities are organized:

  1. Capacity building workshops during the OPEN Symposia
  2. Tailored coaching during onsite visits
  3. Continuous hotline
  4. An online database of existing tools from the CBPs


1) The capacity-building workshops will take place during the 2 OPEN Symposia and the topics, content and organization will be based on the outcomes of the appraisal (Scaling Up CBPs 1).

During the OPEN symposia :

  • Experience-sharing workshops: coordination teams particularly experienced in a specific field co-animate workshops and share their experience with other coordination teams.
  • Tailored capacity-building workshops on the EPODE methodology, its 4 pillars and 
other multistakeholder approach to obesity prevention.


2) Tailored coaching

The OPEN Symposia is also the opportunity for Proteines Paris to:

  • Present the preliminary version of the online database to the coordination teams, to be discussed with them during a specific meeting. The OPEN database is readjusted following the coordinators’ comments and launched during the 2nd Symposium (2015).
  • Set medium-term goals following the first appraisal. Then, following identified methodology improvements, to set updated goals for the following year.
  • The project includes also tailored coaching for coordination teams that are particularly encountering difficulties in reaching their medium-term progress objectives. The on-site visits by the OPEN Coordination Team creates opportunity to organize tailored coaching sessions as well as raising awareness among coordination teams’ key stakeholders.


3) Continuous hotline

The 13 coordination teams also benefit from a coaching hotline in order to answer the questions and challenges in achieving the agreed medium-term progress objectives.


4) OPEN online database

This online database aims at classifying and sharing methodological and communication materials used by the coordination teams.





First OPEN Symposium, November 2014:

    Capacity building workshops

End 2014: setting-up of of mid‐term progress objectives

2nd OPEN Symposium, 2015: Capacity building workshops and setting-up of mid-term progress objectives. OPEN Online database launching.

Julie Mayer

Julie Mayer