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Scaling up CBPS / 1

The Free University of Amsterdam (VUA) is responsible for the Community-Based Programmes and Initiatives’ (CBP/I) methodology assessment, which aims at appraising the programmes methodology, needs and progress over a 2-year period.

VU Amsterdam leads the appraisal. The WHO Regional Office for Europe provides training and advice for the use of the WHO Good Practice Appraisal Tool. Proteines Paris together with VU Amsterdam develop a complementary qualitative appraisal tool based on the EPODE methodology four pillars.

The first step is the development of the OPEN Appraisal tools: a balanced mix of quantitative and qualitative process for data collection on the coordination teams, the programmes/initiatives and on the implementation process.

The OPEN Appraisal tools gathers:

– Scientific and multidisciplinary evaluation

– Strong political commitment

– Support services and communication inspired from social marketing techniques

– Mobilization of resources including Public-Private Partnerships.

Once the OPEN Appraisal tool is validated, on-site visits with each coordination team are planned (June to September 2014).

There are 2 appraisal periods, corresponding to:

  • 2014: Baseline – To obtain score at the start of the project, enabling the setting-up of objectives and agenda for the capacity-building workshops
  • 2016: Final appraisal – The progress expected is a 15% increase of the global score obtained with the WHO Good Practice Appraisal Tool between the first and the final appraisal.

During the OPEN Closing event, overall progress made by the coordination teams regarding their methodology (design, implementation and evaluation) will be presented.

The Final Report on the coordination teams progress appraisal including WHO Good Practice appraisal tool scoring and qualitative analysis based on EPODE methodology will be included in the OPEN Dissemination Book.


  • End 2016: Scientific publication on CBPs progress appraisal: methodology, results and scale-­up process.


  • 1st Semester 2014: 1st evaluation meeting to finalize the OPEN Appraisal tool and validation by SAB
  • June-September 2014: Onsite visits for data collection
  • OPEN Symposium 1, November 2014: presentation of the first results
  • Meetings with the coordination teams to fix mid-term progress objectives
  • Mid 2016 Onsite visits for data collection
  • End 2016: Results sharing , presentation during the Closing event



Krystallia Mantziki & Japp Seidell

Krystallia Mantziki & Japp Seidell