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Open dissemination

Located in Brussels, Protéines Health Communications (PHC) is responsible for the dissemination of the OPEN project.

The dissemination of the project consists in external communication on the project objectives, status and outcomes towards key stakeholders at European, National and local levels.

A press event at EU level will be organized, to communicate towards key stakeholders at European and National level:

Public Health Institutions and learned societies particularly involved for the development of scientific recommendations, policies and intervention frameworks aimed at obesity and NCDs prevention. They may be contacted for consulting advice over the course of OPEN (e.g. DGs Health and Consumers, Regional Policy).

Political representatives particularly active in Obesity prevention (e.g. ENVI committee of the European Parliament, Committee of the Regions, Permanent representatives of the European regions in Brussels, National and local representatives committed within the programme). The Political representatives will also receive the OPEN dissemination book.

General media and specialized scientific publications: to reinforce the scientific 
awareness on OPEN work in progress and final results.

Local policy makers and municipalities: local policy makers and municipalities are key 
stakeholders to ensure the inclusion of each programme in the local political agenda and to foster regular interactions between the municipalities and the CTs. Local policy makers and municipalities will be included in the list of contacts for dissemination of the tools such as the OPEN website, OPEN online database, the OPEN video, the quarterly newsletters and the OPEN dissemination book. For the dissemination of the project to the scientific community a specific budget will be allocated to participate to congresses.

Dissemination toolkit :

Milestones reached by this WP:

  • End 2014: OPEN Website
  • End 2016: OPEN Dissemination Book
Valerie Bruyninckx

Valerie Bruyninckx